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How Legal Documents Impact Your Finances and Retirement - Part 1

Americans believe that it is important to have a will, but less than half have one. Not only do many Americans lack a basic will, they often lack very important legal documents like a power of attorney, an advanced healthcare directive (living will) or HIPPA authorization forms. We will begin this discussion in part 1 of 2.

On this episode: 

1:30 – Don Cash, a NY Jets fan, shares what the acronym J-E-T-S stands for in 2019.

2:26 – A recent survey found most Americans find it’s important to have a will but less than half actually have one. Why is that?

3:45 – We’re creatures of habit so if no one is talking about these things, they are easily ignored.

5:42 – What are some reasons you need to update your legal documents?

7:50 – A couple more things people should think about: gifting assets, protecting the children, clear up conflicts.

9:07 – For many folks, the 401k, IRA, or life insurance is the biggest asset and it doesn’t get passed on based on will. Instead it goes off beneficiary form. 

9:40 – It’s a tough issue to tackle which is why we work to help clients on these circumstances.

10:43 - Not only do we avoid this for our own finances, but we also don’t help our children. 

12:02 - Mailbag question: I have to pay an extra premium for Medicare because my income is too high. My wife passed away a few years ago but my income hasn’t really changed. Am I stuck with this penalty?

14:02 - There is an appeal you can file if the surcharge is due to 1 of 8 life-changing events.

Medicare Surcharge and Appeal Form:

Caring. Com Estate Planning Survey:

Show notes:…etirement-part-1/

What Can We Learn About Retirement from Flying?

You’ve likely never thought about it before, but there’s a lot we can learn about retirement from flying. Yes, many of the same processes and principles that are used by pilots and planes can be applied to our financial plan. We’ll take you through those on this episode.

Today's rundown:

1:08 – Setting up today’s conversation on flying and retirement.

2:45 – The first thing pilots do is log their flight plan.

4:57 – Turbulence affects people in different ways.

7:28 – Even pilots have help along the way.

8:31 – Going through the different phases of investing.

12:46 – Mailbag question: I’m retiring in six months and I’m wondering what will happen if we have another crash before I get to the finish line. Do you think I’ll be ok?

15:54 – Getting to Know Don: What’s a movie or play you’ve seen recently that you really enjoyed?

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