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Is It Still A Good Time to Refinance?

Is now still a good time to refinance your home? With record low interest rates, the past year has resulted in a lot of people choosing to refinance. If you haven’t done so already, have you missed your chance? On today’s episode of the podcast, Don talks through what kind of numbers to pay attention to as you determine what is best.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

1:42 - Don’s facing a car shortage.

4:24 - Should you refinance your home?

7:58 - Why are the rates low while inflation is high?

11:28 - So it is still a good time?

15:53 - Should retirees consider selling or downsizing?

21:04 - Don’t fall victim to recency bias.

Passing Down An Inheritance

Leaving an inheritance is often a goal, but how can it be done effectively? We talk through the different mistakes to avoid and the things to pay attention to when estate planning.

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Episode highlights:

0:38 - How does Don like to travel?

3:30 - Baby Boomers are starting to distribute record amounts of wealth.

5:29 - What’s the average inheritance?

6:04 - Some choose to gift to their children and grandchildren while they are alive.

9:21 - How did the SECURE Act impact inheritances?

10:54 - There are designated beneficiaries and non-designated beneficiaries. 

15:55 - How does the beneficiary form differ from a will?

19:36 - Cash Connection: What’s the best way to help my 18-year-old with retirement savings?

What To Do With Your Pandemic Savings?

Before you go wild with your funds as the country opens up again, what should you do with your recent savings? Don shares some strategies to make sure you accomplish your financial goals.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

0:42 - Happy 4th of July!

1:34 - What should you do with your pandemic savings?

4:23 - Where should you invest?

6:09 - What do you want your money to do? Are you planning to travel?

9:13 - Does Don anticipate a strong third quarter?

14:06 - What is happening with inflation right now?

16:10 - Getting to Know Don: What’s one thing that always makes your day better?

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