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5 Financial Biases to Avoid

What can get in the way of your financial success? Today we are talking about a few financial biases such as the fear of missing out and overconfidence. We will also discuss how to avoid these biases.


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What we discuss: 

0:50 - How has the summer been?

2:11 - Why should we care about how behavioral finance?

5:41 - What financial biases do we have?

15:46 - Cash Connection: When should I file for Social Security benefits?

Finding a New Path and Perspective after 9/11

Today we have a special episode of the podcast for you. With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, Don invited special guest Kevin Haney onto the show to talk about how his work took a turn after September 11th and what it meant for his life.


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About our guest: 


What we discuss on this episode: 

0:21 - Today’s guest is Kevin Haney.

1:54 - What was Kevin’s personal story and experience after September 11th?

3:58 - Kevin originally was booked on flight 93 but changed it.

5:42 - What did Kevin do after that close call?

6:39 - When did Kevin find out what was happening?

9:46 - How did Kevin’s perspective change after that?

15:08 - What did Kevin transition into?

16:27 - What was it like to change careers mid-life?

19:14 - The same skill set didn’t all transfer over. How did he pivot?

21:13 - What advice would Kevin give other people looking to switch careers?

28:31 - What was it like selling insurance?

31:04 - What was Kevin learning?

33:20 - How did Kevin find out about Jesus?

38:33 - What was it like meeting Doreen?

42:19 - What’s Doreen’s unique family situation?

45:47 - What are Kevin’s plans for the future?

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