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Inflation, Infrastructure, and Medicare Increases in 2022

Inflation! We are seeing it everywhere. From the gas we buy to our Thanksgiving turkeys, prices seem to be going up everywhere. How does this affect Medicare? Well, you’ll probably be paying more on premiums. Will the infrastructure bill make inflation worse? That remains to be seen but you should stay vigilant. We will discuss these issues and how they impact you on today’s show.


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What we discuss: 

0:53 – Thanksgiving is coming up!

2:09 – Inflation is heating up

4:30 – Medicare premium letters

7:11 – 2020 tax year for 2022 Medicare surcharge

8:34 – Infrastructure bill passed

11:16 – Will the bill affect inflation?

13:02 – Investors navigating inflation

15:17 – Residential real estate investments

17:23 – Home prices in the past

20:55 – How does inflation affect retirement planning?

24:11 – Mailbag: Will I run out of money without a budget?

The ABC’s of Medicare

It is open enrollment season for Medicare! On today's show, we are going to discuss Medicare with expert Ray Martin. We will be covering the different types of plans, premiums, and tips you should be aware of as you reach age 65 and beyond. 


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More Resources: 

A Brief History of Medicare -

Medicare Handbook –

The Nuts and Bolts of Medicare Book -


What we discuss: 

0:45 – Our guest Ray Martin

2:27 – Medicare basics

4:09 – Part A and B Medicare

5:44 – True universal coverage

6:54 – Premium for Medicare

10:20 – Working past 65

12:36 – Medicare supplements

15:22 – Medigap policies

17:18 – Medigap premium range

20:19 – Irmaa surcharge

21:46 – Medicare advantage plans

27:15 – Advantage plans and out of pocket expenses

29:45 – Key dates Oct 15th – December 7th

33:15 – After open enrollment

36:35 – Big limitations with switching

37:34 – Part D prescription drug plan

41:04 – Mistakes to avoid during open enrollment

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