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How The SECURE Act Might Impact Your Retirement Planning

The SECURE Act passed in the House and brought with it 29 provisions that would change some of the decisions and actions you’ll take when planning for retirement. What are some of the top things you should be aware of? We'll discuss that in this episode.

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Take a look at what you can expect: 

2:05 - One of the provisions in the SECURE Act would raise the required minimum distribution age to 72.

7:08 - The new bill removes the age limitation on IRA contribution.

8:18 - The option for a stretch IRA for heirs has been removed, which is one of the negative sides of the bill.

11:21 - Contact your senators to let them know about your thoughts, especially about the stretch IRA being removed.

12:20 - Getting to Know You: What is Don’s greatest accomplishment? 

15:15 - Cash Connection: Are all long-term care insurance policies so expensive?

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