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Assess Your Financial Health With A Stress Test

July 2, 2020

Don recently went to the doctor for a checkup and a cardio stress test. All is well, but the experience reminded him just how similar it is to the testing he puts his clients’ portfolios through to make sure they can weather life’s various financial storms. He’ll also give you five easy-to-follow rules for how to survive the next stock market crash.

Show Notes, Resources & Contact Info:


0:35 – Life is slightly back to normal for Don.

2:23 – Don stumps Marc on some July 4th trivia. How many signers were on the Declaration of Independence?

4:23 – Have you ever gone through a cardio stress test? Don just experienced one during a health checkup.

10:09 – What does the financial stress test really look like? Don lays out three key elements.

12:50 – Let’s learn some lessons from the 2020 market crash with the 5-Rule Market Crash Survival Guide.

17:02 – Don discusses some more tweaks to this year’s Required Minimum Distribution rules. Lots of IRA law tinkering this year… 

19:55 – Getting To Know Don: If you were going to own a different business, what kind of business would it be?