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Coronavirus Market Update

March 19, 2020

The coronavirus struck quickly across the country and it caused a rapid sell off in the market that has many people worried. How bad will this be? What can you be doing for your retirement plan? We get the latest from Don Cash with his perspective on what we’re witnessing. 


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Today's rundown: 

1:24 - Let’s talk about what’s happening here and across the country with the coronavirus.

2:22 - Life has changed in many ways.

3:15 - Don talks about an app he’s been using to show gratitude daily.

4:23 - There’s not a lot of positivity in the news right now.

6:25 - Has Don been getting inundated with calls from clients? What kind of conversations is he having?

8:31 - What kind of financial topics are you covering right now?

9:30 - People are prone to react with fear in uncertain times.

10:44 - Is it a good time to buy?

12:44 - How do you see the government proceeding over the near term?

13:51 - People are looking for a v-shaped recovery. 

15:01 - This time there’s no fear of a bank run. 

15:58 - What are the things that can hurt your retirement plan right now?

18:04 - What other time of history would you rather be living in when it comes to dealing with this type of situation?

19:35 - With all the talk of selling, many people are actually adding. 

21:30 - Getting to Know Don: What’s something you’ve done before that you’ll never do again?