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Revisiting the SECURE Act: Inherited IRAs

March 5, 2020

Have you heard of inherited IRAs? The SECURE Act changed a lot of rules, including the details surrounding the inherited IRAs, so you’ll want to know how to plan accordingly.


Read more on this topic and get additional resources here: 


Today's rundown: 

1:27 - How has the SECURE Act changed things for us?

3:51 - How have inherited IRAs changed?

7:32 - Are there RMDs in the new rule?

9:26 - Which beneficiaries are exempt from this rule?

10:15 - If you listed a trust as your IRA beneficiary, you’ll want to revisit that with an estate planning attorney. 

12:09 - Cash Connection: What are the contribution limits and rules for a Roth IRA?

17:42 - Getting to Know You: What is special about where Don grew up?