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Should You Be Worried About Large Drops in the Stock Market?

August 23, 2019

A recent dip the in the stock market has stirred up some concern and worry amongst investors. Is it a sign that something worse might be up ahead or is this just another bump in the road?

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Today's rundown:

0:39 – Volatility returns to the market once again.

1:36 – Many of the same issues are lingering.

2:27 – There are still some positive indicators.

3:26 – This same phrase keeps coming up: “It’s different this time.”

3:59 – What does history tell us

7:33 – Should we be less worried than many people want us to be?

8:46 – If you diversify correctly, you can avoid these big losses.

10:07 – Technology has things worse.

10:42 – Don shares a story about a recent experience where technology wasn’t front and center.

13:10 – How an advisor can help guide you through the volatility and the concerns you have.

14:34 – Cash connection time on the show.

14:45 – Question #1: I’m being forced into early retirement at 57 from the state. I’ll have my pension but do I need to find another job since I’m too young for Social Security and IRA withdrawals.

15:11 – How health insurance fits into early retirement.